Melinda Blitchington

Melinda is caring, compassionate, and selfless, just to name a few. As a nurse who understands the impact of being surrounded by loved ones during difficult times, she will go above and beyond to support and comfort her patients whenever needed. Melinda has taken time out of her busy schedule to personally be there for patients when family couldn’t during COVID. It was because of her compassion and dedication that they overcame their darkest days, with a smile on their face. She went over and beyond to live up to her Duke values and is exactly what Swanson’s Theory of Caring embodies.


This nurse is honest and transparent with her peers, patients and her patients’ loved ones. She not only holds herself accountable for her actions, she also helps train new nurses in such a way she instills confidence and trust. She is soft-spoken, and yet has a voice to speak up for the patient’s well-being. She will adjust her schedule to accommodate the needs of the unit.


This nurse is a CNIII. She works as a charge and preceptor. She is the chair of the CLABSI Committee, and works to educate staff to decrease harms on the unit. She holds her CCRN and is currently in school to further her learning and become a FNP. She makes it a point to help educate new nurses and grow them on the unit. She works as a Cardiac Champion on the unit. This nurse volunteered to be a PACT Peer Coach. She has a positive attitude and helps coach staff that may have difficulty with communication.


As we commit to zero harm, she helps aid in the swarm process for CLABSIs, to ensure we solve to root and decrease our infection rates. She helps to complete the CLABSI audits, to ensure that the unit is on track to decrease infection rates.


This nurse partners with multidisciplinary team members to ensure the patient receives a well-rounded approach to care. She is able to present her patient to the team. She focuses not only on the patient, but includes the family in discussions related to their care. She is a wonderful advocate for patient care.


This nurse cared for a patient in need of a transplant several times in the MICU, as the patient waited for organ donation, with only days to live. Because of COVID, the spouse couldn’t visit. The patient asked this nurse to be present for the first conversation with the transplant doctors. This patient needed support, and this nurse stood in the gap for the family. This nurse and the patient connected, even though the nurse had to read lips in order to communicate. The patient felt like this connection was meant to be. The patient received the needed transplant. The nurse took the time to visit the patient on the stepdown unit, and heard the patient’s voice for the first time. This nurse went over and beyond to live her Duke values.


Living your Duke Values should be second nature.

Melinda Blitchington

Melinda Blitchington


Clinical Nurse II
Medical Intensive Care Unit DMP 8 West
Duke University Hospital


Ernestine Davis & Edward L. Cole Award for Excellence in MICU Nursing
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