Mallory Parrott

Mallory exemplifies Swanson’s Theory of Caring. She is considered by many as a stand-out nurse who has nothing but empathy and compassion for her patients. One of her patients said, “She gave me straight talk about the challenges I was facing and was my advocate.” Mallory is supportive, caring, and a team player, who never shies away from a task too big or small. She will always put the needs of her team and her patients before her own. Mallory truly embodies all the best qualities we all can strive for.


My little finger probe kept showing numbers that were going down even with oxygen on. I was getting cranky and tired, and my [parent] was staying up watching me breathe. This nurse was precepting a baby nurse this day, but she came into my room herself to check on me. She assessed me, and then asked my [parent] how [s/he] thought I was doing. I remember very little of the day after that. I do know that all the [higher acuity] beds in the hospital were full, and that I was happy to stay right where I was. Nobody else agreed that I should stay in my little comfortable room, and my nurse did not leave me. She still encouraged the baby nurse to participate in my care and assessments, and taught her as the day progressed, but she stayed with me.


As a patient who has had multiple admissions over almost a dozen weeks in 2020, I believe I am well qualified to recognize nurses that have “that something special” that makes them stand out among others. I am confident that this nominee really does exemplify the characteristics of integrity, excellence, and collaboration and is an outstanding leader, as well. I have been cared for by approximately 80 Duke Nurses in 2020, and this one really stands out. I hope that you carefully consider this nominee to be recognized for the Friends of Nursing Excellence Award. I read the flier, and I definitely think that she qualifies, and I am a very grateful patient!


This nurse reinvigorated the Pebbles in Your Shoe Committee, which invites staff to submit the little issues that occur in the course of a shift, then explores and proposes creative solutions. Through the committee, this nominee found a way to prevent the removal of travel monitor cords, which kept getting misplaced when a patient needed to be transported to a different location. This meant that the cords were often in short supply, and we found ourselves regularly ordering more. She researched products that attach the cords to the machines and assisted in their deployment. The success of this initiative led to an equally impactful innovative solution that helps the Nursing Assistants keep necessary equipment available for their use. Under her leadership, the Pebbles in Your Shoe committee created name labels for Nursing Assistants to attach to the Vital Sign Machine that they use each shift. The labels prevent accidental borrowing by other staff and save valuable time previously spent searching for the machines. This nurse has been instrumental in creating a safe and supportive space for innovative ideas to flourish.


This nominee demonstrates collaboration with her team by building others up. She made a first impression as a Preceptor Nurse working with new grad nurses that were caring for me. The way she interacted with the new nurses, always talking in a supportive manner and giving positive comments to the “baby nurses” in front of me (the patient) and my [parent] (the caregiver) are examples of the way she showed that she is willing to build up others. She also demonstrates humility by jumping in the help with tasks, like emptying a full trash can in the middle of the night…or coming to clean up a big mess without ever showing any sense that she was dealing with something unpleasant.


She made me feel genuinely cared for, on all levels. She paid attention to the smallest details of the things I might need, without my having to ask her. Her care made me feel confident that I was going to be ok, both physically and emotionally. She artistically managed to encourage me to do the most I could to get better, while being there to help me with my own care when I just could not do it for myself. She would explain why I should or should not do something — and give me the choice. (Who really wants or likes a CHG bath anyway?!) This nurse always gave me encouraging feedback when I made progress. She cared about my rest, my pain, my skin care, my meds, my need for a social conversation, and that I received the best quality care. She gave me straight talk about the challenges I was facing and was my advocate, making sure my voice was heard and my questions were answered.


When I see her sitting in the charge seat at the front desk, helping other nurses solve problems, taking care of the sickest patients herself, or just emptying the full trash in the middle of the night…I am comforted knowing that she is here, and that many patients like me are fortunate enough to benefit from her care.

Mallory Parrott

Mallory Parrott


Clinical Nurse II
Abdominal Transplant Surgical Unit 2300
Duke University Hospital


Watson Family Award for Excellence in Patient and Family Education
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