Eric Hexdall

Eric Hexdall

Eric Hexdall


Clinical Nurse Educator
Education Services Department
Duke Regional Hospital


Award for Excellence in Nursing Education
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As a nurse scholar and lifelong leader, Eric is a tremendous asset to his department. His calm demeanor and positive attitude, paired with his wealth of knowledge and experience, make him a true leader and mentor for everyone. Eric works tirelessly coaching nurse residents, teaching TeamSTEPPS, and providing PPE training for COVID-19, at Duke Regional, just to name a few of his contributions. Eric’s dedication, strong values regarding integrity, and commitment to always demonstrating doing the right thing make him a true mentor and integral part of his team.


A peer said, “He does not shy away from difficult questions. His answers are always accurate in terms of policy interpretation, honest and straightforward. He also exhibits sensitivity to the feeling and beliefs of others. He exemplifies integrity in all he does, and even if he has a differing opinion. He is willing to listen and learn from others. He always demonstrates doing the right thing and follows through with commitments.” He seeks to understand and to be understood. Always seeks the right way and to do the right thing. Serves as a clinical resource for education standards for Nurse Residents, Patient Safety, and orientees. Leads DUHS/DRH initiatives/rollouts representing education and Ed Services. He is a nurse scholar and lifelong learner. Lives and role models the Duke values. Retired military (Navy). Certified in hyperbaric nursing and a board member of the Hyperbaric Nurses Association.


Manages programming related to Nurse Residency, Diversity, Cultural Competency, Mock Codes, Orientation and vendor management. He has worked hard to enhance the Nurse Residency Program. Consistently role models the integration of evidence in the literature and use of benchmarks in designing education activities. Leads multidisciplinary and intraprofessional teams that identify best practices in education for clinical issues. Utilizes change management strategies to develop education plans that address sustainability, as well as initial education. He has a passion for providing the most current information. He rounds, teaches, and answers questions daily. He has gone above and beyond at Duke Regional providing PPE training for the whole house regarding COVID-19. At Duke Regional, we would not be as COVID-19 prepared without his tireless efforts to educate over 1,000 staff members on the proper use of PPE.


Seeks to enhance population health and/or patient outcomes through evidence-based changes in practice. Coaches Nurse Residents related to development of EBP projects & Abstracts and Poster presentations. Develops staff in professional presentation skills to include poster, podium, and class presentations. Cognizant of the role of the CNE in organizational and departmental decision-making structure(s) and processes. Demonstrates inclusive behaviors in planning, coordinating and implementing projects internally and externally. Coaches unit-based educators in the staff development role. Utilizes collaborative relationship within the interprofessional team to develop/promote activities. Part of DUHS Leadership Sim program. Does a great job helping the nurse residents construct their Evidence-Based Projects.


He is an awesome team player who has worked diligently to bridge the gap between the entities of the CEPD umbrella. Co-Chair of DUHS PDC. Integral part of DRH orientation team and speaker at DRH and DUHS Orientation. BLS and ACLS Instructor. Teaches at BLS Blitz. Member of Mock Code Team. RELATE Instructor. Nurse Residency Program Primary Coordinator. A great team member. Also willing to pitch in with any class, any project and help department team members. He also envisions how teamwork can be created and/or enhanced throughout the organization and health system. He works well with both the health system residency team and DUHS Leader Simulation training program. He has stepped up when asked to cover Diversity training, taken on a project role with the Diversity Leadership Team, and filled in for Chair of the Dispute Resolution Panel on short notice. He is always upbeat and positive, supportive and professional.


He is a leader in diversity for the hospital. Builds diversity and case scenarios into educational programs. He is welcoming to everyone and does a great job in helping others learn about cultural differences. He is always open and supportive of his peers and others recognizing everyone’s diversity and value. Meets novice nurses where they stand to help them recognize their needs to grow & develop. It is rewarding to watch the relationship develop between this nurse and the nurses he helped to orient, mentor and grow. He is a tremendous asset to our department. He brings a wealth of prior knowledge and experience. He is an experienced proficient nurse, prior nurse manager and leader. He also brings perspective and experience from his military career. He is an educational leader and mentor, both inside and outside the department and across the health system.


This nurse is frequently recognized and his high quality work is noted by others; our team is very fortunate to have him as he adds grounding and balance to the department, while being willing to do anything that needs to be done; and he will always give 110%.


Friends of Nursing Gala 2021

Friends of Nursing Gala 2021

Friends of Nursing Gala 2021