Angie Little

Angie has been a nurse for 38 years and maintains specialty certification as a Pediatric Nurse.  She is the only Clinical Nurse III in a busy multiple-provider Pediatric Specialty Services Clinic, and conducts triage for the neurology specialty via telephone and in the clinic.  She is highly knowledgeable of the Pediatric Neurology Specialty Care Model.  She handles patient care issues with efficiency, grace and a calming demeanor, which goes a long way for our sick patients and their families.  She has been instrumental in streamlining communications between providers and patients.  When there are concerns about a patient’s school absences, missed appointments or barriers to care, she contacts the Social Worker for assessment and recommendations.  She quietly shines her light, with a smile and care in her eyes.


When triaging a patient-family member concern, she reviews the history of the present illness, obtains current symptoms and complaints then provides an exceptional, detailed message to the provider for their response.  She then timely communicates to the family the recommendations from the provider.  She explains to them in an understandable manner, answering their questions.

Recently a family member contacted the triage line with significant concerns regarding their child’s headaches.  Despite multiple recommendations during previous clinic visits, the symptoms worsened.  She was proactive in her engagement with the provider, which led to the patient needing to receive care at the Emergency Department and being admitted to the hospital.  During this encounter, she addressed the family with encouraging words regarding headache protocols followed at the ER and that the child would receive the excellent care they would expect them to provide.


She is the only Clinical Nurse III in the clinic.  She is a Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) through the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board.  She completes all yearly requirements to maintain this status, including required continuing education.

She is highly knowledgeable of the Pediatric Neurology Specialty care model, as well as pediatric care in general.  She demonstrates a high level of resilience, as she adapted to the ongoing changes with Neurology, as well as relocating to a larger facility with multiple pediatric specialties.

A rare few match her dedication to providing exceptional care and customer service.  She accomplishes all tasks and answers requests efficiently and effectively, while expressing a deep sense of caring to her patients and their families. Although her interactions are mostly via phone or MyChart, she compassionately provides services beyond the expectations of the patients, their families and the providers.


She and her Neurology triage colleague created multiple neurology standing orders including:  clinic open/close procedures, prescription refills, provider preferences, nursing responsibilities, routine EEG process, sleep-deprived routine EEG, protocol for obtaining sleep study results, triage questions for seizures and headaches, and triage questions for persistent difficulties.

She has volunteered for several years to be Patient Safety Liaison-Infection Control Specialist and Falls Champion, and understands the importance of Safety Rounds and conducting Environment of Care Surveys.  She also volunteered to administer annual flu vaccines to staff.  When it comes to standards of care, she is the perfect example of what The Joint Commission expects.

She took on completing school medication forms and headache action letters (actually developed the standards into a letter).  She gave me a sticky note to remind me not to complete the forms and letters during the visit encounter, so the visit could be about the patient’s/family’s questions and concerns, rather than forms.  After reassuring the family, she completes the requested documents and emails, mails or faxes them to the appropriate parties after the visit.


She is flexible covering not only her own responsibilities as well as other clinical staff members.  She provides epilepsy care plans and responds to calls from School Nurses as to proper implementation of the recommendations. At times, the School Nurse reaches out with acute concerns (increased headaches or seizures).  She immediately contacts the provider, who makes recommendations for immediate care.  She then returns the call to the nurse with the recommendations, answering questions and relaying a plan to call emergency services if symptoms escalate.

Multiple medication prior authorizations are a main responsibility, to ensure prescriptions are filled in a timely manner and therapy can begin.  When patients are past their recommended return visit, she reaches out to the staff assistant to request a patient appointment in order to refill prescriptions.

When there are concerns about a patient’s school absences or family/social situations (appointment cancellations, barriers to care), she will reach out to the Social Worker for assessment and recommendations.


She treats all patients and families with respect and dignity.  She actively listens (not interrupting them) when they contact her, allowing the patient/family to express their concerns and frustrations – even when receiving multiple calls or MyChart messages from them in one day or over consecutive days.  During difficult conversations, she calmly reduces their anxiety and provides the results they are expecting.

As one of the providers she partners with, I am thankful for her extraordinary efforts to accomplish all tasks and answer all requests, while expressing a deep sense of caring for the patients.  All before she leaves for the day.


She is integral member of the Duke Pediatric Neurology Team, who strives to exceed all expectations in providing quality care for our patients and families, as well as care and support for the provider team and clinical staff.

Angie Little

Angie Little


Clinical Nurse III
Children’s Specialty Services – Creekstone
Private Diagnostic Clinic


Terry L. Johnson Award for Excellence in Pediatric Nursing



Friends of Nursing Gala 2021

Friends of Nursing Gala 2021

Friends of Nursing Gala 2021