Alli Davis

Alli joined Duke Regional Hospital in June 2016, just after graduating from nursing school.  Her leadership and willingness to help others make her a great Charge Nurse.  She leads with compassion by treating all of her patients with respect and listening to their concerns.  She says, “When they’re hurting, I’m hurting.”  Last year, Alli was honored with a DAISY Award.  The patient who nominated her wrote:   “I could not have asked for a better care nurse immediately post-op!  I was impressed with her clinical skill and her personal demeanor.  She helped ease my anxiety and provided excellence care.  Thank you, Alli.  You made my experience so wonderful.  I am so grateful for all your care and support!”


This nominee models integrity in her daily practice and supports a “Just Culture” environment.  For example, she found a medication that was not in its correct bin in the Omnicell.  Instead of leaving it there and moving on with her busy shift, she took the time to inform the pharmacist and return the medication.  This nominee completed an SRS to bring awareness of this safety issue to other nurses.  Also, this nominee has reported entering a patient’s room and finding an intravenous medication bag (typically an antibiotic) un-infused.  Instead of discarding the medication, she made sure to notify the provider.  This nominee understands the importance of antibiotics administration, so she works collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team to ensure patients receive the best care possible.  She is known by our Vascular Access Services Team as an advocate for choosing the best site for infusion, and always attempting to ensure the comfort and trust of her patients.


After discovering the growing educational needs for diabetic patients, she has been our unit’s diabetes champion since 2017.  She is a great resource for our team, because she updates staff on new or changing policies related to diabetes.  This nominee also performs hypoglycemic audits, and works with both RNs and Nursing Assistants to identify better ways to care for patients when they experience a hypoglycemic episode.  Also, she is a valuable Preceptor for our unit.  I personally was oriented by this nominee, and she was an amazing leader, mentor and educator.  She made my transition to the unit as comfortable as possible.  She has precepted new graduates, experienced nurses, Nursing Assistants, traveler RNs and nursing students.  She always is willing to help us onboard new staff, and they all have positive feedback about her competence and relational abilities.


This nominee strives to keep our patients safe, as she is part of the unit’s shared governance.  She performs Safety Education Huddles for our staff.  This nominee educates staff frequently on any new policy changes.  She is a positive role model with influencing change on our unit.  She can educate the staff on the importance of change, and is able to get their “buy-in” to provide the best care to our patients.  For example, our unit recently made changes to how we administer parenteral nutrition.  She promoted a culture of safety by developing a nurse verification process to increase proper administration of parenteral nutrition.  She acts as our Telemetry Superuser, attends all training sessions, and serves as a resource for our unit on reviewing telemetry monitoring.  She is always willing to help other staff members when they have questions about tele monitoring.


This nominee has excellent collaboration skills.  For example, she was assigned to a patient who needed extensive wound management.  Her keen assessment and communication skills made her aware that this patient was not able to adequately care for [self] at home.  She collaborated with the provider and caseworker to make sure that the patient had everything needed before discharge.  The patient was discharged home with home health services and a walker for ambulation.  The physician was impressed with her involvement in the case and recognized her through the Living our Values Awards.

She volunteered to help our intensive care unit with staffing during the COVID-19 crisis.  This nominee willingly stepped out of her comfort zone to support critical staffing needs in a higher acuity setting.  Her exponential growth during her short nursing career is truly inspirational to all nurses.


This nominee became well-liked by one of patients and, unfortunately, this patient had to undergo an extensive surgery that would result in major life adjustments.  One morning, this nominee checked-in on the patient, and the patient was not in good spirits after receiving the bad news.  This nominee was not assigned to the patient on that day, however this nominee provided her presence in that moment.  Despite her busy shift, she sat next to the patient and just listened.  Although this nominee was not able to change the circumstances, her caring presence made the patient calm, peaceful and hopeful.  This nominee expressed how she values “always be present, compassionate and empowering to patients.”


This nominee is our unit Superhero; we rely on her expertise, teamwork and reliability; our patients rely on her diligence, innovation and unmatched compassionate care.

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Alli Davis


Clinical Nurse III

General Surgical Unit 6-3

Duke Regional Hospital


Duke Regional Hospital Medical Staff Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice



Friends of Nursing Gala 2021

Friends of Nursing Gala 2021

Friends of Nursing Gala 2021